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Nicole Stella

Hey! I'm Nicole

I am an independent singer and songwriter, just like you. I decided to create this platform to share my experience with fellow musicians. My goal? To help you take your next step in your career!

The Independent Musician Academy offeres a wide range of resources to help you hone your songwriting skills, make a business out of your music, and achieve your goals as an artist.

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All I Know About Songwriting


A comprehensive email course on the nuts and bolts of songwriting. The course is perfect for artists who don't have any formal training, as it covers the foundation of songwriting. It is also a great tool to reignite your inspiration, as it presents several techniques and ideas on how to stay creative and productive as a songwriter.

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Songwriting Coaching


Private online coaching sessions to help you reach your songwriting goals.

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An acoustic guitar

Standard vs Alternate Guitar Tuning: What is Best For Your Songwriting?

How changing the tuning of your guitar can help you with your songwriting.

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How To Write A Song: Five Easy Steps To Your Next Hit

From picking a song structure to crafting the perfect melody for your story, these five steps are all you need to write your next hit.

Home recording studio

How I set up my home recording studio

Tips and tricks to set up your home recording studio from a D.I.Y. musician.

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Email Marketing For Musicians

Why (and how) independent artists should grow their mailing list.

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How To Reach Your Goals

Five lessons about goal setting I learned the hard way.

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I Use These 5 Exercises To Write A New Song

Songwriting is hard. These 5 exercises just made it easier.

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The Creative Process: Lessons from Leonard Cohen

"Writing begins with an appetite to discover my self-respect. To redeem the day. So the day does not go down in debt."


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